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 Facility  Specs
 Exhibition area  12000sqm for Hall A,B,C,D each,2000sqm for reception hall
 Main entrance for visitors  2X each pavilion,4.0m x 2.4m
 Main entrance for exhibits  2X each pavilion at east and west wing,4.0m x 6.0m,5.2m x 6.0m
 Additional enrance for exhibits 10X each hall,4.6~4.85m x 4.24m
 Power supply  850KW for illumination and power each hall
 Power distribution mode   
 Three phase power
 Single phase lighting
 Compressed Air  YES
 Lighting  Day lighting and illumination eqipment
 Clearance height  8m ~15m
 Water supply  YES
 Fire fighting  Fire hydrant, sprayer,fire extinguishing cannon
 Air-conditioning  YES
 Network  YES
 Broadcast    YES
 Emergency lighting  YES
 Parking  F1,2,500 parking spaces
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