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 Ground load
 1. The hall floor and cargo ramp design live load 2.0 t / m, and can allow 30 tons truck (car cargo weight, the twin rear axle single wheel load shall not exceed 6 tons) traffic.
 2. Exhibits will include operating vibration parts, above ground load capacity by 50%.
 3. Reception hall and parking ramp before driving vehicle platform area, allowing 24 less cars and small trucks below 5 tonnes (total weight of goods vehicles) traffic.
 4. Exhibits transportation, placement, exhibits, etc. should be considered above the ground operation load capacity. In case of doubt, the organizer and its contractors should move to the center before the query items.
 Exhibition booth construction and dismantling
 1. Build a company shall not cause any damage to the exhibition hall and exhibition hall or alter or affect the building structure. Otherwise, the cost of repairing damage estimates by the Centre paid in full by the organizers.
 2. Booth Construction installation and removal of the burden of the costs by the organizers and the center of the above acts may not show other hirers cause unnecessary disruption or destruction.
 3. Without permission, not in the lobby construction, erection or assembly. Not change the building floors, walls, doors, windows or conference room or other parts of the building structure. The central region of the ground, the ground, not into any part of the exhibition hall nails, screws or drilling holes.
 4. The center allows the use of chalk can be scrubbed or approved use of tape on the ground in the exhibition hall booth location identification, other terrestrial scribing method can not be used. Removal of unauthorized charges on the ground crossed by the organizer burden.
 5. The center is only allowed to use non-residues of single-sided, double-sided tape or, preferably, the bottom cloth carpets and other floor coverings fixed on the concrete floor. Allowed on rocky ground or wall using adhesive materials. Organizers should be responsible for removing all the rental area and residual tape marks, due to the use of unapproved tape caused any damage to the building remedial work carried out by the center, the cost burden by the organizer. In the center of the back is not allowed to use sticky (can be pasted) pattern or promotional materials stuck on any part of the building, the center due to removal of such items and repair any damage incurred shall be borne by the organizers burden.
 6. Organizers do not allow fire-fighting facilities in the hamper, monitoring facilities, air conditioning vents / structures where indoor air flow panels and spacers or stack anything.
 7. The materials used to build booths should be non-combustible and flame spread rate of not less than two.
 8. Allowed to set a permanent ceiling.
 9. Shall not be placed in the hallway leading to entrance barrier. Into the exhibition period, all entrances and exits shall not be locked.
 10. Any temporary structures and the wall must be kept 0.8 m overhaul channels.
 11. A continuous row of booths is not allowed more than 36 meters long, 3 meters wide and at least all of the aisle, such as the aisle pillars, it should be kept at least 3.5 meters wide aisle.
 12. Hall fire safety facilities, telecommunication lines, monitoring equipment, power distribution box or lamp hung on a prohibited or covered. Any other decorative items to be hung, tags, posters, etc. subject to the prior consent of Party A agrees.
 13. More than 4 meters high building should be reported to the Center for examination and approval before construction, all structures limit is 6 meters high.
 14. Organisers should ensure that their staff are trained to correctly use this center provides first aid / fire fighting facilities. Organizers staff should be familiar with the fire alarm contact, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and safety gate location. In either case, the fire alarm contact, fire hose around the plate, fire extinguishers and safety gates shall not stand spacers, exhibits or other items while blocking. Leading to the passage of such sites and shall not be sealed, heap objects.
 15. The center will assist the transport of the exhibition organizers, the management of the construction unit structures. Organizers shall notify all transportation, building construction units in the week before the museum will transport, construction workers build a list of ID card, special booth renderings as well as effective "special operations permit" cross the center produced by the Center Unified the exhibition documents the construction workers, undocumented persons shall not carry any exhibition about the construction site. If the documents produced by the organizer must obtain the consent of the center.
 16. Exhibition construction units must be based on a plan approved by the public security department construction, without permission, shall not be modified.
 17. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the halls, fire regulations and offenders will be punished.
 18. Organizers and construction units to build transport vehicles shall not deface stadium ground.
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